Bathroom is one of the most expensive parts of a home to remodel. There’s so much that goes into a bathroom remodeling project that unless you’re a professional who does it every day — or a homeowner who’s been through the process numerous times. 

Can you still create a dreamy bathroom even if you're on a budget? The answer is yes, as long as you know where it makes sense to incorporate changes. 

Here are 5 tips to renovate your bathroom without sacrificing the quality or style. 

1-   Paint the walls

If much of your wall is just painted, then a simple case of a fresh couple of coats will work wonders. You can also change the color tone to change the look of your bathroom entirely. You will need to look at the color of your tiles including the floor and see what may work. Use a good quality washable paint.  Depending on what your current vanity is made from you may need special laminate paint. 

2-   Plan a good lighting scheme

The best approach to a well-lit space is to incorporate ambient and decorative lighting. A bathroom needs enough lighting so if your bathroom lacks proper lighting sources, consider adding some. Dim lighting is nice for a relaxing bath; bright lights are great for shaving or applying makeup. Adding more overall lighting can make a small bathroom seem larger.

3-   Ventilation is a MUST

Mold and mildew will make quick work of any renovation you’ve done so be sure to install a vent fan. New fan designs are quieter and more stylish than ever and are a must have for any bathroom remodel.

4-   Invest in new fittings

Updated shiny new tapware and shower fittings won’t break the bank and will add a contemporary touch to your bathroom. If you introduce small changes such as replace towel rails and soap holders too, you will get a lovely flow to the bathroom accessories. 

5-   Add some inexpensive yet styling touches

New mirrors and wall lights are another great idea to incorporate into your bathroom. If your room is large enough and has good ventilation, then you could even add pretty touches like wallpaper or inexpensive prints.

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