Relaxing at home is easier if you have a relaxing place at your home to love!  When our life feels disordered and messy occupied with too many chores, news, smart phone notifications, work stress and social and relational problems — it can be easy to go into full-on breakdown manner. In this condition, we need a place at home to sit and relax, but many of us feel more stressed in our homes because they're not decorated and ornate in a relaxing way to get in full recover mode and enjoy every bit of moment.


Disorder, mess and untidiness are the enemy of peaceful and calm environment, so start out by removing unnecessary items to create more neat and clean space. Designing and reordering a home means everything. Whether it’s your living room, kitchen, bedroom, study room, dinning or walking space, or another space, get rid of unwanted items and junks from your place. Anything around you that doesn’t need to be there, remove or put stuff away and out of sight or make the commitment to permanently get rid of things. 

Place some fresh flowers in every room and Try to create some No-phone zone to keep yourself away from technology pings and alerts for some time every day. Prohibiting phones, tablets at the dinner table to allow healthy time for you and your family to reconnect and recognize. Have plans and discuss and share with your family peacefully. Use some calm colors and buy some good quality sheets and pillows so every night you can enjoy relaxed environment.


Life is chaotic and busy, so create a stress-free home by adopting a few simple rules.

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